The Complete Guide to HubSpot Workflows

Build Nurturing Email Series and Accelerate Growth with Marketing Automaton.

Ready To Be a HubSpot Workflows Power User?

This Guide is for you!

At a recent Salt Lake City HubSpot Users Group event, Ian Shields presented on the topic of HubSpot workflows. 

Not only did he present, but he put together this incredible guide to help the HubSpot community up their game with the tool.

HubSpot Workflow Guide - Sample Smart List

The goal is to automate and perform a series of common actions in a simple way.

This playbook is designed to facilitate the building of HubSpot Workflows. It’s a useful, practical, and informative resource for the hands-on HubSpot marketer.

Topics Include:

The Playbook:

  • How to Create a HubSpot Workflow

  • Benefits of Using Workflows to Automate Lead Nurturing

  • How Workflows Automate Lead Nurturing

Targeted Delivery of Content:

  • The Right Content
  • Deliver Relevant Emails
  • Promotional Emails
  • Personal Emails

The Right People:

  • Sample List Segmentation Criteria
  • Triggers
  • Smart List Recipes
  • Mapped Out Examples of Top Performing Workflows

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